Matheson Jr. High team wins top spot in Future City Competition


Granite School District’s second annual Future City Competition featured some of the best examples of student innovation.

Twelve teams from eight junior high schools competed under this year’s theme, “Tomorrow’s Transit.” Each team – composed of three students – had to combine elements of engineering, leadership, creative thinking, and writing skills.

The winners of the individual contests are as follows:

Research Essay/City Narrative:                        Evergreen Jr. – Raputa City

Physical Model:                                                    Matheson Jr.—Lanasin City

SimCity Virtual City:                                           Valley Jr.—Salt Lake City

Team Presentation                                              Matheson Jr.—Lanisin City

Matheson Junior High’s  Lanasin City took home the championship trophy and gold medal by beating  Evergreen’s Raputa City by just one point. Wasatch Junior High’s Manhattan/Winter Valley  came in 3rd place overall and was awarded the Bronze medal.

Congratulations to all of the participants, their teacher mentors, and the volunteer engineers!