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Crossing guards honored by Granite Board of Education

They may not be direct employees of Granite School District, but crossing guards provide an invaluable service to our students.

During the last Board of Education Meeting, administrators, members of the board, and patrons took a moment to recognize the outstanding service that crossing guards give every school day. Their job isn’t an easy task, especially when you consider some of the harsh winter weather this year.

Yet no matter what the conditions, when students are walking to school you’ll inevitably see a friendly face in an orange or yellow vest waiting to escort children safely across roads. The sight is enough to wash away any inconveniences we may initially feel when we adhere to the small red stop sign in the guard’s hand.

To make the recognition official, the board drafted a resolution that pays homage to crossing guards throughout the District. Here’s what it says:

WHEREAS, public education is the backbone of our democracy, providing young people with the tools they need to maintain our nation’s precious values of freedom, civility and equality; and

WHEREAS, public schools are the foundations of neighborhoods and communities, bringing together adults and children, educators and volunteers, in a common purpose; and

WHEREAS, safe environments both in and out of the classroom are an integral part of student success; and

WHEREAS, Crossing Guards provide a critical safety component to students’ safe travel to and from school; and help provide “walking neighborhoods,” where we would not have them otherwise;

THEREFORE, be it Resolved that we as members of the Granite School District Board of Education do hereby recognize and acknowledge the importance of School Crossing Guards in each of the neighborhoods within our community.

Be sure to take the opportunity to thank your neighborhood crossing guard for the service they provide to our students.

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