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Get involved at your child's school

Parental involvement is crucial to student success in the classroom. Study after study shows the positive academic effects that are reaped when mom and dad are involved at their child’s school.

Several Granite School District schools have programs in place to get parents involved. Magna Elementary has its Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students), which encourages fathers to make their presence known on the school campus.

Elk Run Elementary has found success in its first year with the Excellent Elk Pledge that asks parents to get more involved with their student’s education.

Yet, getting involved can be a little intimidating. lists five tips to help parents get involved:

1. Show Initiative - Are you itching to get involved at your child's school but not sure where to scratch first? Talk to your child’s teacher, school counselor or principal and ask what you can do to get involved.


2. Find Out What Resources Are Available - Learn whether the school has a community web portal or a place for parents to ask questions on the school's website.


3. Offer Homework Help - Ask your child's teacher if there are any homework assignments that you and your child can work on together. A project that uses you as an interview source or a math recipe problem where you and your child can make cookies using a metric conversion chart are a few examples of ways that you can help your child with his schoolwork.


4. Team Up With the Teacher - Ask the teacher whether the school offers workshops about how to be a more involved parent. Find out whether the teacher might be able to send home a weekly update of what the class has been up to.


5. Meet the Need - Just as every child has his or her own learning needs, every school has its own needs too. What works for one school may not work for another. Find out what your school specifically needs, then do your best to help out. Is the classroom having a bake sale? Bust out your bundt pan! Is the debate team holding a car wash? Spread the word about the event to your friends and neighbors.

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