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New Parent Portal streamlines the process for tracking student progress

The age of endless paper reports and attempts to squeeze academic information out of students is over, thanks to the new Parent Portal Gradebook developed by the Information Systems department at Granite School District.

The new Parent Portal was refined through Web Networks and Education Solutions Development, Inc., and will serve as the location where parents, students and guardians can access test scores, fees/fines, grades, and schedules. The program will also feature a site where parents can create logins for Canvas and other progress-tracking software systems.

In addition to viewing grades and attendance within the Portal, parents and students will be able to keep better tabs on homework by exploring comprehensive lists of assignments in each subject, week-by-week. Mail icons under the names of teachers will allow students and parents to email educators with questions.

The Portal will also serve as a hub for viewing transcript information, including GPA, earned credits, class grades, and academic standing in a year-by-year format. For elementary students, parents can login to Parent Portal to view how their child is doing in certain skill sets, such as obeying school rules and completing work on time.

To access the Parent Portal, you will need to register (even if you registered last year) at and click on  ‘Gradebook Parent Portal registration’ and follow the steps. If you have trouble, guides are available at each school.

Once you’re set up, enter in a supported Internet browser, or click the ‘Gradebook’ icon in the portal.

For an overview guide of the Parent Portal Gradebook, click here.

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