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District Policies

8. School Accountability Services

 Adult High School and Community Education

VIII.C.1. Adult and Community Education Responsibilities

 Prevention & Student Placement

VIII.B.10. Granite Peaks School
VIII.B.11. Truancy Prevention
VIII.B. 1. Prevention and Student Placement Responsibilities
VIII.B. 2. Student Residency
VIII.B. 3. School Safety Violations
VIII.B. 4. Admission Requirements
VIII.B. 5. Suspension of Students
VIII.B. 6. Enrollment Options Program
VIII.B. 7. Student Alcohol and Drug Policy
VIII.B. 8. Home School
VIII.B. 9. Bullying Hazing

 Polices of School Accountability Services

VIII.A. 1. Philosophy
VIII.A. 2. Administrative Responsibilities
VIII.A. 3. Fees in the Public Schools
VIII.A. 4. Class Size
VIII.A. 5. Extracurricular Activities during Midweek and Weekends
VIII.A. 6. Management of Children on Field Trips
VIII.A. 7. Out-of-State Travel by Employees
VIII.A. 8. Parent Teacher Conferences
VIII.A. 9. Emergency Notification Plan
VIII.A.10. Precautions to Avoid Fire Hazards
VIII.A.11. Staffing Plan Organization and School Attendance Pattern
VIII.A.12. Time Schedules
VIII.A.13. Fireworks Used in the Schools
VIII.A.14. Picture Books, Yearbooks Literary Pub
VIII.A.15. Student Dress Standards
VIII.A.16. Parent Notification of Student Absences
VIII.A.17. Student Safety Patrols
VIII.A.18. Student Travel
VIII.A.19. School Involveemnt in Politics
VIII.A.20. Parent Participation
VIII.A.21. Nutrition and Vending
VIII.A.22. Clubs in Secondary Schools
VIII.A.23. School Community Councils
VIII.A.24. Student Possession of Electronic Communication Devices
VIII.A.25. HIV Positive Student of School Employee Procedures
VIII.A.26. Trampolines
VIII.A.27. Naming of Campus Venuesdoc
VIII.A.28. School and Grounds as Civic Ctrs
VIII.A.29. Student Head Injuries and Concussions
VIII.A.30. Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents
VIII.A.31. Tutoring Students for Remuneration
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