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"School Search" Boundary Lookup


Curious about which school boundary you live in?  The answer is easier to find than you think! 

We now have a new, easier to use boundary lookup system with web mapping functionality.  Use the link above to open the application, enter your address, and the current schools for your area are automatically displayed.


 - To locate your School attendance boundaries, enter your address and click the "Find!" button or hit the ENTER key. (For increased accuracy please include your Zip code.)
 - You can also view the school boundaries of your choice by choosing it from the "School Boundaries" button menu.
 - Navigational tools are available on top left hand corner of the map window, or just use your mouse to pan around the map.

Note: If there is an Error at anytime during your use, please close your browser, return to this page, and then restart the "School Search" application.


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Planning & School Boundaries
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