UEA Excellence in Teaching Awards are presented every year to Utah public school teachers whose efforts in the classroom significantly impact the life of an individual child or group of children.

Morningside Elementary teacher Leandra Bambrick is one of 10 educators statewide to receive the award for 2018. Here’s a sample of her award biography:

Student engagement in Bambrick’s classroom goes well beyond seating. Her classroom is right out of Harry Potter, filled with potion bottles, house flags and owl mail boxes. During the first week of school, each student participates in a Hogwarts sorting ceremony. According to the parent, “belonging to a group right at the beginning of the year (gives) the students a sense of pride and camaraderie.”

To facilitate small group interaction, Bambrick raised funds to purchase a classroom set of Google Chrome Books. This technology keeps students learning and involved. Similarly, the small group strategy aides struggling students who might otherwise feel overwhelmed and mentally disengaged.